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Akrivis GD


The first liquid biopsy test that accurately enables early diagnosis of ovarian cancer through the analysis of tumor marker gangliosides. 


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AOA Dx is a team of entrepreneurs and experts that brings innovative, impactful and cost-effective medical technologies from research and development into the hands of providers and patients.

The co-founders have worked together for a decade at two successful women's health diagnostic startups, resulting in large strategic exits. to commercialization across global markets.

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More than 90% of new discoveries in medical innovation stay in research within an academic setting and are never commercialized and widely adopted to help patients.

We want to change that.



A team of innovators who have successfully brought paradigm changing diagnostics to market.

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Do you want to be a part of innovating the next class of markers in early cancer detection?

We would love to hear from you and work together on creating a more innovative, efficient and patient-oriented future.

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"Our goal is to work closely with scientific innovators to make their products widely available to impact clinical practice today"

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AOA is pioneering the field of Glycomics, a new frontier in diagnostics.

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